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Awards by Category

Transportation Related Programs

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provides money through U.S. Department of Transportation programs to invest in jobs to expand transit capacity and modernize transit systems; expand airport capacity and make safety improvements; and, build and rehabilitate and make safer roads, highways, bridges and ports. Initiatives in West Virginia include:

  • $210 million in direct funding to our Department of Highways for road construction/maintenance
  • $8.3 million to improve Urban Public Transit
  • $10 million to improve Rural Public Transit
  • $13.8 million to improve our Airports
CountyAgencyTitleJobsAmountAward Date% Spent
KanawhaTRANSPORTATION, WEST VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF56 Vehicles, Facility Rehabilitation, Facility Construction, Equipment, Preventive Maintenance, Operating Expenses0.56$9,722,574.007/10/2009100
RaleighWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSTurnpike DMS/CCTV Procurement1.33$5,323,100.002/24/20100
CabellWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSDowntown Huntington Pedestrian Corridor-$204,751.002/25/20100
FayetteWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSWhite Oak Rail Trail Paving-$363,472.002/24/20100
WEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSCharleston Washington Street West Streetscape-$183,821.012/26/20100
MonongaliaWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSGranville Main Street Sidewalks-$617,900.002/25/20100
MineralWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSCarpendale Rail Trail-$167,100.002/26/20100
McDowellWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSSouth Roselawn St. Bridge-$406,996.005/13/20090
WoodWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSCounty Rt 25 Overpass +2-$1,227,570.005/27/20090
WayneWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSTurkey Creek Pony Truss Bridge-$916,170.004/20/20090
MingoWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSWest Belo Bridge-$394,401.005/27/20090
MonongaliaWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSMon/Fay Xway Section 00-$13,378,800.004/21/20090
MonongaliaWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSCheat Lake Bridge-$6,155,000.004/29/20090
KanawhaWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSMarlaing-ST. Albans-$2,056,846.009/23/20100
HarrisonWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSClarksburg X-Way RD-$1,896,618.002/3/20100
TaylorWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSUS 50 Climbing Lane-$2,335,685.004/30/20090
RaleighWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS(E. Beckley Bypass) Grey Flts. Rd. - Cranberry Cr.-$22,190,000.006/12/20090
JeffersonWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSWV 9 shenandoah Rvr Br - VA State Line-$18,935,663.006/4/20090
HancockWEST VIRGINIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYSMarket Street Bridge-$14,502,951.009/25/20090
This information is updated, as per federal requirements of ARRA funding, once a quarter. Last updated August 15th, 2013.