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West Virginia Commission on National and Community Service


The West Virginia Commission on National and Community Service will receive $175,376 in Formula AmeriCorps funds from the ARRA. They are available only to existing grantees to either expand their current goals, or to create a new one year AmeriCorps program utilizing one of the national AmeriCorps goals created by the Corporation for the ARRA funds. Commission staff has forwarded all information to current eligible programs. Additionally, they have asked each program to notify the Commission, in writing, if they are interested in applying for either the formula funds or for nationally competitive funds. 

The application guidance for the AmeriCorps Recovery Act funds is posted on the Corporation’s Recovery webpage:, and there is also a link on the Commission's webpage.

Energy Express intends to submit a proposal for $174,851 for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to support 63 minimum time members. The start date of the grant will be May 1, 2009 with an end date of April 30, 2010. Members will serve from June 15, 2009 - August 7, 2009. This will be an expansion of their current goals and program.

Lifebridge plans to submit a new one year nationally competitive application. Lifebridge plans to use the national goals and ask for a match wavier, which is available in the ARRA package. Both applications will be submitted to the Commission by Friday, March 20th. These applications will be forwarded to Governance for review and recommendations for submission. The Corporation is requesting a turnaround by April 3, 2009 or sooner if possible. Funds will be awarded based upon certain criteria, including how soon the programs can start. Energy Express can begin on May 1 and Lifebridge can begin in early June. 

No other Commission programs plan to submit an application at this time.