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Secretary Mattox Announces $6 Million for Transportation-Related Projects


West Virginia Department of Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox announced today that, as a result of President Barack Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, approximately $6 million in funding will be made available for programs such as Transportation Enhancement, Recreational Trail, Scenic Byway and Safe Routes to School.  This ARRA funding will be in addition to the traditional 2009 granting programs.

The funding will be divided among the congressional districts at approximately $2 million each. The potential projects must have a relation to surface transportation.  The grant funding will be 80% federal and require a minimum of 20% sponsor-matching funds, which must be paid up front.  Preference will be given to those projects that have the matching funds available at the time of application or within 120 days of the application.  If selected, applicants must be able to begin the project within six months and complete the project within two years of the Notice to Proceed.

“Infrastructure development is one of our top priorities in West Virginia.  Every opportunity that we get to strengthen the framework of our infrastructure, will put our communities in a better position to grow and give citizens better quality of life,” said Governor Manchin.

For all ARRA funded projects, the West Virginia Division of Highways will be given the first option to administer the projects from design through construction.  The WVDOH will design or hire a consultant(s) to design, then have the option to perform complete administration of the construction contracts (i.e.: advertise for bids, award contract, oversee construction) with input from the sponsor.

A website has been created to explain the program and to provide the means for applying for the grants.  Applicants will have until 5:00 p.m. June 30, 2009, to submit application packages.  For complete instructions, a list of all qualifying activities and an application form, visit the website at:  Please note this address has been changed from an earlier announcement.

Questions may be directed to Harold Simmons, Grant Administrator, WVDOH Program Planning and Administration Division, at (304) 558-9618.
Harold Simmons